Zonin Asti

GHS 69.30

The must, obtained by very soft pressing, undergoes an initial fermentation at a controlled temperature of 18° C. (64° F.). The base wine is then transferred into pressurized  stainless steel tanks where the wine is made sparkling using the traditional Charmat method.


The Moscato d’Asti juice coming from some of the best vineyards in the heart of the DOCG is selected, graded and the highest quality is destined to become Asti. The juice is stored in stainless steel pressure vessel where the fermentation will take place. The total grape sugar content in the juice will be partly transfor-med into alcohol and the balance remaining unfermented will impart to the finished product its natural sweetness.

COLOUR: Straw-yellow with bright gold reflections accompanied by a full and lively foam and a perlage of great finesse.

BOUQUET: The typical aromatic tones of the Moscato grapes are fully manifested in the wine’s aroma, which is intense and extraordinarily appealing.

FLAVOUR: Sweet, balanced and not cloying, unusually fresh, richly fruity, superbly balanced and satisfyingly persistent..

SERVING TEMPERATURE: Serve at 6° – 8° C. (43° – 46° F.).

FOOD MATCHES: It has always been a popular accompaniment for desserts. It matches perfectly with every type of pastry, from cakes and pies to sweet biscuits and cookies. This Asti makes an excellent beverage for social gathering and other moments of relaxation.




Asti, Piedmont


Moscato Bianco d’Asti


7% vol.


750 ml


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