The 9 Primary Styles of Wine

Get ready to take the wine challenge. Tasting through the 9 styles of wine and 12 top wine producing countries will give you the most profound knowledge of wine. You’ll never see wine the same way again.

Prepare for the wine challenge

A little back story…

I can recall the single moment when wine became a fascination. Believe me, it wasn’t that classy.

I was slouching in this $5 Goodwill velveteen swivel chair (that I’d rolled home on a skateboard) while clinching a glass of wine.

A 22 year old art-school grad living in Los Angeles with a low-paying day job. (but a job none-the-less!) I was lucky enough to have a wine subscription gifted from my dad.

In fact, it became the highlight of my month: dinner with my best friend Justin and a bottle of wine. That particular night, I tasted my first-ever Côtes du Rhône and it smelled like black olives.

This was the first time I can remember really tasting more than fruit in a wine. The disarming flavor quickly turned into an obsession, the only problem was: I had no idea what to explore next.

“The disarming flavor quickly turned into an obsession”

As diverse as wine is, most wines can be categorized into 9 different styles. Once you taste an example from each of these 9 styles you’ll have a good understanding of the range of all the wines in the world.

Yes, there are many nuances and subtle differences (a a few exceptions) but, if you’re a beginner, the bigger perspective of wine is the first thing to know before diving in.

Consider this a homework assignment.

Taste a wine from the 9 different styles over the next month and a half…(or so) and take notes.

The 9 Styles of Wine

  • Sparkling Wine
  • Light-Bodied White Wine
  • Full-Bodied White Wine
  • Aromatic (sweet) White Wine
  • Rosé Wine
  • Light-Bodied Red Wine
  • Medium-Bodied Red Wine
  • Full-Bodied Red Wine
  • Dessert Wine

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